Abhishek Mishra introspects the Highs and Lows of 2nd Edition of Millennium City Marathon

Leading from the front in conceptualizing, planning and executing 2nd Edition of Millennium City Marathon (MCM), it was time for Abhishek Mishra to introspect the highs and lows post event. Speaking to the team JPS, Abhishek was happy about the way 2nd edition of MCM has drawn more than 2400 participants from across the country. The unique addition of Coconut Water to all participants post run has earned MCM a good praise and the support from civic bodies like MCG, HUDA, and Gurgaon Police ensured the smooth execution of the event. 

Learning has always been an integral part of all activities which Abhishek undertakes and 2nd Edition of MCM is no different in terms of understanding the shortcomings and the feedback from the participants has become the stepping stone for Abhishek’s entire team to go bigger and better in the next edition of MCM next year. 

Keep Running, Stay Healthy! 

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