Sujata Iyer, A Free Spirited Runner Defied Beginner Challenges with the Support of her Personal Trainers

Sujata Iyer from Bangalore started running for the Joy of Running Free Spirited and was well supported by her personal trainers, Mr Albun & Mr Nelson to help her to achieve her personal goals.

Defying all challenges of being a beginner from deciding upon the time to Run and aligning the pace to cover a particular distance in specific time, Sujata worked hard to overcome all challenges which had the potential of derailing her from achieving her Goals.

Sujata truly feels happy and excited as Running has made her mentally and physically fit and also contributed a lot in increasing her stamina.

Sujata in her message to someone who is still thinking of taking up running has urged, not to think too much and just go for it since running is one of the best sporting activity for physical and mental wellness.

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