Suchitrasen committed to cover miles on his legs – Runner Upgrade 2.0 Beginner’s Experience

Inspired by looking at other runners covering miles on their legs, Suchitrasen Nayak too decided to put some stress on the leg muscles to cover distances.

While it has totally changed his personal and professional life, making him feel relaxed and calm, but building and maintaining a running speed wasn't all that easy for Suchitrasen during his beginner's phase as a runner. But then he was lucky enough to get in touch with the Reebok Running Squad (RRS) team in Bangalore wherein team members provided Suchitrasen their assistance in learning to maintain the speed.

Suchitrasen feels that one should not waste time in thinking and just go out and start running!

JPS team wishes Suchitrasen to go Faster and Longer distances to reap the long term benefits for Mind, Body and Soul. 

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