Running a Catalyst to get Best In life - Ankush Oberoi Runner Upgrade 2.0 Beginner Experience

Ankush Oberoi started running to stay active and healthy. Having fallen in love with it he can't do without running anymore and feels that running is a catalyst in achieving the best in life. 

Ankush was lucky to get his brother Nishant Bhasin's support who inspired, motivated and guided him during his Beginner's Phase. During that time, Ankush faced problems like low stamina and fatigue which pulled him down. It was during this time that the unconditional support he got from his brother Nishant helped him to keep going.

Ankush has been running for a decade now and feels that no other form of exercise is more effective and enjoyable. He advises everyone to Run 🏃 to stay active and healthy.

Ankush through his Runner Upgrade 2.0 Beginner's Experience emphasises that persistence should always be the key and one should not be bogged down by small challenges.

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