Roshni Tandon goes Deep into Meditation through Running – Runner Upgrade 2.0 Beginner Experience

In today’s era of multitasking and balancing between personal and professional life, everyone is on the lookout of beating the stress and finding his or her inner peace. Roshni who loves to be with nature found her solace in Running. She feels that running is like meditation for her which makes her lighter and stronger.

From stamina building, weight loss and getting more energy inside out, Roshni has been enjoying every bit of running defying her Beginner’s challenges of pain and losing her breath at times. She thanks her personal trainer for guiding her through the nuances of running which has helped her to keep going.

Through her Runner Upgrade 2.0 Beginner’s experience, she insists that everyone should make running a part of their daily routine to refresh and prepare to face the day to day challenges of life. 

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