Nikky Jain Athlete & Dancer as an Ambassador, Juniorun Jaipur 2nd Edition.

Being a fitness enthusiast, Nikky has inculcated the habit of staying fit also in her kids. She is looking forward for educating more people to learn to stay healthy.

She suggests parents play with their kids regularly which will make them also happy & healthy.

More about Nikky

  • Nikky is a mother of 2 kids, a 9-year-old boy and a 2-year-old girl.
  • While being a homemaker, she is quite an independent woman and defies the stigma that is associated with being “just” a  housewife.
  • A fashion enthusiast, event manager, a dancer, an athlete and a creative mind.
  • Loves to take her child out for various sports activities!

Is Your Kid Ready to take the 1st step for Staying Healthy?

#FitKidHealthyAdult #JuniorunLoyaltyAdvantage

To Register Your Kid for Juniorun Jaipur 2nd Edition


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