Nikhil Mohindroo, Fitness Pro & Entrepreneur as an Ambassador, Juniorun Jaipur 2nd Edition.

Nikhil lost his Golden period of fitness but was lucky enough to catch up with it. Today, he is a changed person completely charged up and in control of his life.

His suggestion to all the kids out there is to Start Early and Stay Healthy!

More About Nikhil

  • Nikhil is a leading business tycoon and a corporate leader.
  • He has a fiery instinct with futuristic outlook and indomitable will.
  • He is a True Fitness lover with Utopian Personality and an idealist.
  • He is a fitness buff, and schedules gyming as a part of his daily ritual.
  • His fitness mantra is to work on physical as well as psychological well-being which includes workout for at least 6 days a week.

Is Your Kid Ready to take the 1st step for Staying Healthy?

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