Take the Steam off through Active Running says Adil Nargolwala

Staying in a Millennium City like Gurgaon has both benefits of living in a connected world and also disadvantages of at times being into pressure jobs in the Sun Rise industries. Adil Nargolwala who is passionate about Running suggests everyone take the Steam Off through active sporting.

Adil likes to club his holidays with running events around the globe. With his participation in more than 100 events comprising of Ultra Marathons, Marathons and Triathlons in last 7-8 years, Adil feels much healthier and happier.

Speaking in the capacity of Ambassador for Millennium City Marathon, Adil invites runners and sports enthusiasts from Delhi NCR to at least jump into the half marathon, it might sound daunting for first timers but with his experience, Adil feels it’s possible if one has a strong willpower and it will happen.

Adil concludes by saying, ‘Running is an amazing experience and gives you more friends in your journey.’

Register Today for Millennium City Marathon : http://goo.gl/LWNiCa

Train... Run... Live..

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