Gaurav Chaudhary, A Determined Runner – Runner Upgarde 2.0 Beginner’s Experience

To realise his life full of energy and inspirational, Gaurav took up running as a part of his daily schedule. The Biggest Challenge for Gaurav was to overcome the initial hiccups related to running since running was never part of his life. Once he decided to start running, another hurdle or a challenge for Gaurav was to find a good running company but he could overcome the same because of his easy to go nature and good networking skills on social media.

With the support from two great marathon runners, Dr Ashish Roy and Dr Sunita Godara who provided him with the tips regarding the systematic running, Gaurav today is a confident runner and works to run better than yesterday with his determination.

Today, Gaurav regularly participate in half marathons in and around Delhi NCR. Latest in his kitty is 9th Edition of Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and he is looking positively to end this year with Super Sikh Run on Dec 11.

Gaurav through Runner Upgrade 2.0 urges everyone to do something for your own health and suggest going out and start running faster and longer! 

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