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India is the country of rich culture and heritage and while making enormous economic progress in the past few decades, the states and cities with rich cultural background have tried to preserve the building and monuments, which give us an in-depth understanding of  India’s past history.

One such city in the northern part of the country is the historic city of Punjab, Amritsar. People from across the world, particularly from the Sikh community, consider visiting Amritsar a sacred duty.

GRR, one of the largest communities of Runners originated from Gurgaon has a strong vision of creating awareness for making cities Clean, Green and Healthy. Done with 2 inter-state Cycling Expeditions and 3 Junior events in different cities to promote their vision, the team at GRR is gearing up for the 1st Marathon in the Heritage City, Amritsar Half Marathon. GRR, keeping up with their vision has designed Amritsar Half Marathon with run categories for all age groups and is already drawing a lot of runners from across the country and the world.

Amritsar Half Marathon is providing a good opportunity to Runners to come along with their families and Explore and Experience the Rich Cultural Heritage of Amritsar over a long weekend which starts from 13th April with Vaisakhi, A New Year Festival for Punjabis.

Some of the important places which one should not miss when coming for Amritsar Half Marathon are Sri Harminder Sahib which is also known as Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, and Wagah Border.

If you are a runner and love to explore new places on your feet, don’t miss this opportunity and just head towards Amritsar and participate in 1st Marathon in the Heritage City, Amritsar Half Marathon on 16th April 2017

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