64th UP State  Senior Volleyball Championship was organized by DVA (District Volleyball Association) from 4th November to 8th November 2015 at HRIT College, Ghaziabad. 114 teams (80 Men and 34 Women) from 80 districts of Uttar Pradesh participated in this event.



Team JPS witnessed the event right through its lenses on the day of Quarter & Semi-Finals on 7th Nov 2015. Competition between teams showed a lot of energy and right sportsmanship amongst the players.

Team JPS was excited to see the players like Omvir Mann, Sandeep Deshwal and Preeti Mishra of International repute, playing for their respective teams. Omvir Mann is fondly called as Gilhari (Squirrel) by his fans and teammates because of his speed which most of the times surprises his opponents.

“Good Players inspire themselves and Great Players inspire others”



 Beyond the tournament, concerns related to lack of basic facilities were shared by Mr. Amit Chaudhary, Coach; Ghaziabad which he feels is because the game is not getting support and visibility at a good level. To add to this, Ms. Sadhna Singh, Deputy Sports officer and UP State Volleyball Coach feels that girls should be equally motivated and supported at all levels to play Volley Ball and she is personally making all efforts at her level to bring parity for Women in the game of volleyball.

In line with JPS belief, “What we see is what we play”, players and the administrators felt that more we show the game, as the case of cricket in India more people are encouraged to play the game. Volleyball needs a lot of push at all levels to make more and more people take up this sport.

In between Spectacular energy and neck to neck fight among different teams, the team from Moradabad lifted the trophy in women’s category and North East Railway (NER) in Men’s category in 64th UP State Senior Volleyball Championship.

Men’s Senior Volley Ball Winner Team “North East Railway (NER)” 


Women’s Senior Volley Ball Winner Team “Moradabad”

  Men’s Senior Volley Ball                             Women’s Senior Volley Ball

                                    Winner: North East Railway (NER)                  Winner: Moradabad

                                    1st Runner Up: Diesel Locomotive Works

                                     (DLW)                                                         1st Runner Up: SAI Lucknow

                                     2nd Runner Up: Sports College of Lucknow     2nd Runner Up: Ghaziabad

- See more at: file:///D:/justplay%20post/64th%20UP%20STATE%20VOLLEYBALL%20CHAMPIONSHIP.htm#sthash.PZa55LLY.dpuf

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