Meenakshi Pahuja 1st Indian Swimmer to Accomplish Saguaro Lake 9.5 Mile Challenge in S.C.A.R SWIM

Throwing herself to a challenge of her lifetime, Meenakshi Pahuja along with her crew is currently attempting the S.C.A.R Swim Arizona Challenge. S.C.A.R stands for the 4 lakes in the Arizona namely, Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, Roosevelt Lake. The S.C.A.R swim challenge is a 4-day stage swim with a cumulative distance of 40.5 miles (65.18 km). It is one of the longest marathon swim & organised stage swims in the world.

In search of a unique open water swim challenge, experienced swimmers from across the world take up the S.C.A.R Swim Challenge every year to push their boundaries. The official website for S.C.A.R Swim, straight away put this as a challenge because of the unexpected weather conditions on the day of the swim.

Meenakshi is a known open water swimmer from India who is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Education at LSR College, Delhi. To her credit is already many International Open Water Swims including the successful completion of Lake Zurich in 2007 and an attempt of crossing the Great English Channel in 2008.

On the 1st day of S.C.A.R Swim, Meenakshi has successfully completed the 1st reservoir, 9.5 miles (15.2 Km) of Saguaro Lake at 1529 feet (466m) elevation which is rimmed with Canyon walls and became the 1st Indian swimmer to do so. A swim in Saguaro Lake is considered as the warm up swim & a great way to shake the S.C.A.R jitters.

The challenge lies ahead for her is another 30 miles of the swim in the next 3 days in S.C.A.R Swim Arizona challenge.

We at Just Play Sportz feel proud of the feat achieved by Meenakshi & wish her all the best wishes for successfully completing the 4 days 4 lakes S.C.A.R Swim Arizona Challenge.

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