Utkarsh Baheti, International Squash Player & Ambassador, Juniorun Jaipur 2nd Edition

Utkarsh feels that he was lucky enough to have a father who pushed him into the game of squash, which not only brought him recognition but also made him mentally and physically fit.

His one simple suggestion to all kids is to play at least one sport every day.

More About Utkarash                                          

  • Utkarsh Baheti is an International Squash player. He started his career at the age of seven and half years playing at Jaipur club under the coaching of Ms. Surbhi Misra. 
  • Utkarsh is currently Rajasthan No.1 in Men's & Boys category and has won many National and International events. 
  • He stood runners up in French Junior open 2015 and stood 8th in British Junior open 2015.

Is Your Kid Ready to take the 1st step for Staying Healthy?

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