Marcela Irigaray Baur - Ambassador, Juniorun Jaipur 2nd Edition

Marcela a Psychologist & an HR Professional draws a beautiful comparison, like we as parents teach and encourage our children to brush their teeth regularly similarly staying healthy should be encouraged and emphasised by parents regularly.

More About Marcela Irigaray Baur in her own words:

  • I am a psychologist, 41 years old, mother and wife. I worked in Brazil in the HR department.
  • I am Brazilian and have been transferred based on the work of my husband for over 5 years. I am well adapted to the city.
  • I have been Exercising all my life because it allows the mental and emotional outlet that I need for myself and to be the best mother and everything else that I can be.
  • I care for myself physically to keep my body healthy and strong because I want to play with my son longer and simply be around for him as long as possible.
  • I want to teach him by example to believe in himself and set the goal and work for those goals.
  • My daily exercises changed my body, gave me friends and made me strong and confident to face the challenges of living abroad.

Marcela strongly feels that 'Fitness is the way of Life' and she proudly shares that It is her lifestyle.


Is Your Kid Ready to take the 1st step for Staying Healthy?

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