Aastha Jain Agarwal - Athlete, Fashion Enthusiast & Entrepreneur as an Ambassador, Juniorun Jaipur 2nd Edition

Aastha strongly advocates active sporting among children and also believes that parents have a huge responsibility for setting up the discipline for their children.

More About Aastha Agarwal

  • Aastha Agarwal is a caring mother of two Child, a fashion enthusiast and a decade old e-commerce entrepreneur.
  • She has a strong sense of business acumen and good leadership qualities which made her achieve a couple of Awards & felicitations over these years.
  • She's been an athlete and has represented Rajasthan State Basketball Team as Captain in the Year 2003-04, which is why she's been a keen supporter of fitness in children and Juniorun in particular, which is a perfect platform for children of all ages to kick start their fitness goals of being a Fit kid and Healthy adult eventually.

Is Your Kid Ready to take the 1st step for Staying Healthy?

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