Usha Soman's Running Defy Age Barrier

                                        “I don’t Believe in Age, I Believe in Energy.

              Don’t let Age Dictate, What you Can and Cannot do.”- Tao Porchon- Lynch

Running barefoot clad in a Sari can be difficult for any woman but when you are doing so at the age of 77, it can be even more challenging. But for this ‘Iron Mother’ this is just another activity, which she carries on with the same smile on her face as if it is a part of her daily activity. Meet Usha Soman, the mother of India’s Iron Man Milind Soman, who is as fit as her son.

For Usha Soman, age is just another number in more than one ways. After a certain age, your mental set-up gets rigid and the last thing you are expected to do is to get inspired from your kids, who till yesterday walked holding your finger and learnt all that they know about life from you. Usha Soman on the other hand is learning from her son Milind, who is the force behind Pinkathon, the organization that has helped thousands of women to stay fit in the country.

Milind who leads by example has been emphasizing that men should encourage women to take care of their health and start running since a healthy woman can lead to a healthy family. A firm believer in the campaign of #HeForShe, where men support and motivate women to focus on their health and fitness by running or taking up any active sporting activity, Milind has practically implied  the concept right at his home by encouraging his mother to run.

During the last leg of 'The Great India Run' from #Ahmdavad2Mumbai, Usha Soman was seen matching her feet along with her son in Manor which is a district near Thane.

This is not the first time that Usha Soman has taken to the road, she ran 100 km distance in just less than 48 hrs barefoot for a fundraiser in 2014.

By encouraging his mother to run, Milind has given a gift of health and fitness to his mother. Now Milind may not have to hold the hand of his mother as she grows old but with this gift he holds a place in her heart for a lifetime. With inspiration from her son, Usha Soman has also proved to the world that age and fitness have no direct link and for a woman fitness can happen at any age.


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