Shiba Mehra calls The Phoenix Project a Preparation for Life Challenges

Personalized and Group Trainer, Shiba Mehra now also the Phoenix Commander strongly believes that Obstacle Races are must for everyone as they help an individual to prepare for challenges in life. Shiba has been training individuals in stamina building and core strength for the last 17 years across Delhi NCR. Shedding light on 'The Phoenix Project', Shiba feels that for a layman obstacle races might be about physical strength but at the core of it, there is a strong need of being mentally tough.

Referring to few of the obstacles like Rope Climbing which are part of 'The Phoenix Project', Shiba emphasized how obstacles like these bring complete body coordination, enabling you to propel and leap to come out stronger.

Shiba concluded by saying that the way society is changing, one has to be physically and mentally strong to take on the challenges which life throws at him/her independently. According to her 'The Phoenix Project' is a perfect platform to develop your physical and mental strength and helps you to connect with your inner self.


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