Runners Defy all Limits says Pinkathon Ambassador Inderpal Khalsa

“The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.” – Arthur C. Clark 

Looking at Inder today, one cannot even imagine in dreams that he was weighing 90+ kgs and used to eat 40+ Pani Puris at one go. Inder has come a long way in terms of keeping himself fit after he cried in one of his sports meet at school looking at his other children participating in athletic events while everyone cheered for them.


Inder is right now the Pinkathon Ambassador and also running #JaipurSeDilliTak Non Stop run along with his 3 running buddies Spoorthi, Jay and Sandeep.

Team JPS interacted with Inder on the eve of their #JaipurSeDilliTak run and learnt how this run is different and more challenging in comparison to other Ultra Runs which has halts at the end of every day. On the suggestion of Jay, #JaipurSeDilliTak was formalized as Non Stop run with no halts at hotels starting from Jaipur till Delhi.

We have been following up on the updates of #FabFour as they have been called by Pinkathon and all it shows is that #FabFour is on a mission and none of the obstacle en route to Delhi has slowed down their spirits.

#RunAndCheer for #FabFour




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