Pacing 1:45 min Bus in 2nd Edition of Millennium City Marathon, Manik Dhodi talks about challenges of being a Pacer

Being a pacer in any Half or Full Marathon is a matter of recognition which comes with its own set of responsibilities & challenges. Manik Dhodi who has paced in 10 Half Marathons was pacing for 1:45min Bus in 2nd Edition of Millennium City Marathon. Manik shares that as a pacer you can’t afford to finish before or after the stipulated time and it’s challenging to make everyone understand the same.


Manik adds that optimal hydration is very important in any running event and every runner should understand his or her own body beforehand to ensure that damages are prevented. With 4-5 hydration breaks and gradually managing the pace before and after the hydration, points make the Run smooth and enriching.

Manik was happy in sharing that he could push 9 runners to achieve their target with few achieving their PBs. 


Playing a role of Brand Ambassador in addition to being a  Pacer, one has a huge responsibility of creating an awareness not only to get more registrations but to convince people to lead a healthy life and Millennium City Marathon has been a serious attempt in creating the natural habitat for runners in this part of the world #Gurgaon.


Keep Running, Stay Healthy! 

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