Nitesh Jain Overcame His Internal Enemy & Gained New Lease of Life through Active Running

Erratic eating and drinking habits are known to affect human beings not only from outside but also internally and Nitesh is no exception to this. After gaining 21 kgs in 4 years with higher BMI & increased levels of uric acid and stress, Nitesh started losing his self-confidence and often reported to be high on irritation.

While desperately looking for ways of coming out of this messy life, he found his inspiration in his maternal uncle, Sanjay Jain who reduced his weight by 30kgs at the age of 50 through active running.

It wasn’t easy for Nitesh initially as running caused some breathing problems and also severe pain in his calf muscles. Defying the challenges through his commitment and support from his uncle, friends, wife (Deepti Mangal) and parents, Nitesh lost 10 kg weight in 10 months and also improved his levels of Uric acid and stress. More importantly, Nitesh got his lost confidence back and started enjoying his life.

As Nitesh puts it through his Beginner’s Experience in Runner Upgrade 2.0, “Nothing is Impossible; you just have to Challenge your Internal Enemy”. Nitesh too challenged his internal enemy by quitting smoking and drinking and got the new lease of life.

Nitesh has already run three 10km runs and feels it’s just the beginning and best is yet to come for him.

Team JPS wishes Nitesh more Runs which are Faster and Longer to achieve his long terms goals.

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