Jaipur Se Dilli Tak Becomes Symbolic for Pinkathon’s He For She Campaign

“We’re never, ever, ever going to be able to fly as high unless we’re both in support of each other.” – Emma Watson

Whether you are a male or female, rich or poor, disabled or non-disabled, everyone wants to be strong and lead a happy and a healthy life. United Nations has also included Good Health along with Gender Equality in their Sustainable Goals for the Millenium.

Pinkathon is an organization which was founded in 2012 with a vision of making every woman healthy in India has been getting invaluable support from United Sisters Foundation to realize their vision.  Pinkathon works on the philosophy that women is the basic foundation of any family and a family can only stay fit and healthy if female of the family follow a healthy lifestyle. It is ironical that while the health of women is at the base for a healthy family and society, 80% of women are reported to ignore their health. To bring a change in this situation, Pinakthon strongly feels that Men has to be actively involved in this process of change and they need to start respecting the efforts of woman as an individual and stand next to her in all her endeavours.



 #JaipurSeDilliTak nonstop 260 km Run was formulated with the same understanding to provide a platform where a woman feels safe in doing what she likes to do without bothering about her security. During the #JaipurSeDilliTak, Spoorthi who has been running intercity runs in South India was accompanied by 3 male runners, Sandeep, Jayraman and Inderpal from different parts of the country. Since they were supposed to run nonstop Day and night, Rajasthan and Haryana Police extended their support for their safety. With their strong determination and focus, #FabFour as they were called by Pinakthon India completed their #JaipurSeDelhiTak yesterday late in the night at India Gate, New Delhi. Welcoming them were the Pinkathon Ambassadors from Delhi and Mumbai who were equally excited about the successful completion of #JaipurSeDilliTak nonstop run by #FabFour.

From Left Sandeep, Jayraman, Spoorthi & Inderpal

from left: Sandeep Raj, Jayraman Rankawat, Spoorthi Seethamma Muruvanda and Inderpal Khalsa


Through #JaipurSeDilliTak, Pinkathon has left a thought in everyone's mind and mostly women that when Spoorthi as an ordinary individual can do this, why can’t we just go out everyday and exercise for at least an hour to keep our body healthy? 


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