Get Ready for a Comfortable & All Supportive Riding Experience with Rolling Wheels to the Timber Trail

Rolling Wheels to the Timber Trail is an initiative by GRR and an attempt to Wage a War against growing Pollution and Unhealthy Lifestyle by making Active Cycling a part of our Lifestyle. A beautiful and courageous experience with a larger objective of contributing back to our environment has been very well thought by GRR with ‘Rolling Wheels to the Timber Trail’. The ride which will start from India Gate on Dec 16 with 100 riders will be led by a group of motorcyclists and lead cyclists, who will guide the cyclists in their 300Km ride to Timber Trail in Parwanoo in Solan District in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

What makes ‘Rolling Wheels to the Timber Trail’ unique is the commitment of GRR to make ride all supportive which will make hardship of cycling as thing of a past.

Highlights of ‘Rolling Wheels to the Timber Trail

  • The 24 hour Medical Doctor with First Aid Kit,
  • Technical Assistance in the case of any Breakdown,
  • Meal arrangements to Beat the Hunger Pangs,
  • Support Vehicles and Canter Truck for providing Rest to the Tired Legs and Ferry the Bicycle
  • 50% Women Riders and
  • Personnel from Professional Security Services guarding the Ride

With all the backup support, the riding experience of ‘Rolling Wheels to the Timber Trail’ is an opportunity not to be missed by any cyclist enthusiast.

Come on riders, make ‘Rolling Wheels to the Timber Trail’ a ride to remember for the lifetime.


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