In Conversation with Dharminder Sharma, Founder, Chandigarh & Patiala Runners

Dharminder Sharma is a passionate runner himself who founded Chandigarh Runners almost 2 years back with the support of handful runners in Chandigarh. Chandigarh Runners was born with a strong mission of turning Chandigarh into the 'Running Capital of India' and an International Destination for Runners. Today Chandigarh Runners have become 2500+ active members’ community.

Dharminder and other members of Chandigarh Runners strongly feel that to achieve their mission of making Chandigarh as 'Running Capital of India' and an International Destination for Running community, it is important that City is safe for everyone at any time of the day. To remove the tag of an Unsafe city, Chandigarh Runners organized their first Night Run, ‘The Glow Run’ in Chandigarh to bring out more and more people including women out in the night for running to announce to those few who try to make city unsafe with their ulterior motives. ‘The Glow Run’ was an awesome event which proved that there are more people in Chandigarh to safeguard than to destroy the status of Chandigarh.


While speaking to Just Play Sportz, Dharminder shared that Chandigarh runners are committed to picking up more such issues and complimenting it with active running which also promises to keep people healthy.

Chandigarh Runners undertake weekly runs 5k, 8k, 14k runs followed by strength and core training. Chandigarh runners are the experienced lot and understand the importance of running consistently with the right training to bring a meaningful difference to their good being which can also inspire many around them. 

Sensing the need for more such running groups; Chandigarh Runners has expanded their wings to a major town in Punjab, Patiala. With few passionate runners in Patiala, Dharminder has established Patiala Runners to spread their mission. Today both Chandigarh and Patiala runners are Registered Societies which is adding more credibility to their overall framework.

With 1st Patiala Run scheduled on October 9, 2016, Running in Patiala will have a new meaning with the experience and support of Chandigarh Runners. 


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