A Relentless fight against Drug Abuse by Dr. Sunita Godara, Asian Marathon Champion

Health Fitness Trust (HFT) has been committed to raise awareness against Drug Abuse from the last 13 years. Every year on the occasion of International Day against Drug Abuse, Health Fitness Trust (HFT) headed by our very own Asian Marathon Champion, Dr. Sunita Godara organizes series of events to sensitize and create awareness against ill effects of Drug Abuse. This mega event is being supported every year by  Narcotics Control Bureau, Indian Ministry of Home Affairs, National Institute of Self Defense, India Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Directorate of Prohibition, Department of Women and Child Development, Government of NCT of Delhi with an active partnership from ONGC, NDMC and IGL.


JPS team caught up with Dr. Sunita Godara today morning at Lodhi Garden which is house to the most influential people in Delhi NCR in early morning. Lush green lawns and the dome in the backdrop provided the perfect place to talk about the positive energy required for anyone to fight against this growing menace of Drug Abuse in our country. Dr. Sunita has been taking free aerobic and yoga classes for all in Lodhi Garden from last 13 years to keep her commitment of providing the positive energy through healthy living which will prevent people from falling into the trap of Drug Abuse. According to Dr. Sunita, it is an unhealthy body which gets depressed and looks out for alternatives like drugs or alcohols to get the feeling of HIGH in their life. In her message, she has urged the youth to take active sporting as a part of their life and Say No to Drugs.


Speaking about her proud association with International Day against Drug Abuse, she recalls that she started working on the issues of drug abuse and other health issues affecting sports persons in 1998 before getting involved in this UN initiative in the year 2003. The initiative which was started in 2003 by meeting the officials of the prohibition department has come a long way since then and there has not been looking back from any of the partners.

Dr. Sunita confirmed that this year too on the occasion of International Day against Drug Abuse, Health fitness trust in association with all the partners is organizing 14th Run against Drug Abuse on June 26, 2016 at Indian Gate Lawns. More than 4000+ participants are expected to attend this mega event and participate in various activities like Walkathon (1km), Competitive Run (2km), Poster Competition and Thematic Performances to mark the occasion and take pledge to fight against Drug Abuse. It’s a great platform for all of us to get involved in the fight against Drug Abuse which kills 3.3 million people in India every year and more unfortunate part of the stats is that 20-23% of this number is below 18 years. From this it’s very evident that it is the youth which is the future of our country is getting badly affected and active sporting is one of the ways of overcoming this menace of Drug Abuse.

Researchers have shown that it all starts with just lighting a cigarette during the teenage which results into a deadly Drug Abuse.

The torch which has been ignited by Dr. Sunita with the help of partners from various ministries, PSUs and few private companies is a symbol of relentless fight which has been undertaken to kick off the menace of Drug Abuse from our progressive country through active sporting and positivity through cultural engagement

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