4000+ Kids Discovered their Inner Self - JunioRun New Delhi Sept 25, 2016

It’s usual to see parents trying to control their kids everywhere but on the pleasant Sunday morning of Sept 25th, 2016 at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, parents came in huge numbers to support their kids to go Unstoppable in Delhi’s 1st JunioRun organized by Gurgaon Road Runners also famously known as GRR. Starting the concept of #FitKidHealthyAdult with the JunioRun in Gurgaon and then at Jaipur, GRR team had the dream of taking JunioRun to a larger platform in Delhi.


Defying the odds of exams in schools and concerns of parents that how their kids will run 3km or 5km, GRR team got the support from 100+ schools and 4000+ participants in different categories. Defining JunioRun a dawn in the lives of these children would not be wrong as GRR made all the arrangements keeping in mind the needs of kids, parents and the schools. 


Costume 1km Run was a big attraction apart from the other categories of running in which the children as young as infant up to the age of 12 years participated. As it is said, Clothes make a statement but Costumes Tell a Story. 

Parents took this opportunity to inculcate the value system in their children like the mother of a little girl who dressed her daughter in a tricolor dress and walked into the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium holding the National flag in their hand. Indeed years later, every time this little girl gets to see this picture, she will definitely feel patriotic and proud of her mother who inspired her at such an early age to look and think beyond herself. Being Patriotic was like the flavor of the day, another young girl ran with her mother wearing the dress of an Indian Army Officer with a tag behind, which read, ‘Respect Army’. The young girl not only shared an inspiring message with hundreds of children and their parents gathered for the run but also brought a smile on the faces of Para Military Forces, who were present during the JunioRun.


There were many children who were running for the 1st time a distance of 3km or 5km, but looking at them running nobody could have believed it. As the seasoned runners tell us, ‘Age is No Barrier. It’s a Limitation We Put on Our Mind’.


It would be right to say that Children need proper guidance and consistent motivation to stay healthy and it is the Happy Healthy Parents which make their children Happy & Healthy. A group of teenage students from Bal Bharti School, Pitampura highlighted the importance of running in their life as, “Running is all about being fit and only a fit person can save himself and others in the situation of disaster.”

JunioRun wasn’t just about children running a designated distance; it was an opportunity for the parents to let their kids know that they cared for them. The run also gave the chance to the kids of discovering a friend in their parents as they celebrated and danced together on the peppy music.


After the most enjoyable Run, the winners in different categories were awarded medals and the gifts to remember for the lifetime.


Man on a Mission, Siddarth Choudhary looked completely in control along with his dedicated team from GRR right from the word go till the end ensuring smooth flow of events without any injury to either any child or a parent.


There is no age for making a move in the right direction. By participating in the JunioRun, all these children made their first move towards a Healthy Future and GRR promises to guide and support them in their journey to lead a Healthy Life.





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