Leading Trail to Timber Trail

On a cold Friday morning, warmed up Rolling Wheels' riders gathered up at India Gate at sharp 8:30 AM, with their bikes and dressed up in orange fluorescent jerseys to embark on their 300 Km long journey to Timer Trail. Rush of adrenaline kept the Riders imagining the ride which they were about to take.

Chief Siddarth who is a pro athlete (Ultra Runner & Cyclist) greeted the participants in his unusual style, with his athletic aura. Some riders were new to it, others were not, but they all shared the same passion. The vibes at the gathering kept all in good spirits,  with none feeling left out, and even the newcomers blended in well.

The Chief guest, Mr. Durga Shankar Mishra (IAS) presently the Additional Secretary of Urban Development Ministry, alumni from IIT Kanpur, boosted the will of the riders, by sharing his stories of bike rides and marathons during his college days. Everyone seemed honored at his presence. He seemed to have felt the same what the riders were about to feel, hence the connection felt complete.

By 9:15 AM the riders were all geared up for the flag off. Pedalling on 2 wheels on a joy ride to Timber Tail, with their toned bodies, untempered bikes and rejuvenating healthy souls, were about to take a streamlined launch. Back up vehicles with tools and accessory kit were ready to accompany the riders, to keep the flow from any perturbation.

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