Binding The Family With Cycling – Green Wheels Family Ride

Like many other developing countries across the globe, you could see rows of cycles in front of any school, college or office. Though the craze for cycling has decreased over the years, some people mostly the kids tend to enjoy cycling until they get the permission to use the cars.

Many occasions, you still find health conscious people or young children cycling, but just run go back to the memory lane to recollect the last time when your family, your neighbour's family or any other family cycled together for the sake of their health.

In times when due to work and study pressures, members of the family are finding it difficult to spend time with each other, the Green Wheels Family Ride as a part of Green Wheels Bike Festival powered by GRR provided an opportunity for the family to unite all over again over a wonderful cycling experience that will remain at the back of their mind for years to come.

The Green Wheels Family Ride held last Sunday started from Bio Diversity Park, Gurgaon and encouraged families to ride together regularly to reduce dependency on motorised vehicles and choose a sustainable transport to reduce their carbon footprints.

Chief Siddarth Choudhary, Ultra (Cyclists and Marathoner) appreciated the parents who have left their comfort zone and motivated their kids to come out and cycle with them on an early morning on a weekend to stay healthy.

Green Wheels is a commitment of Green Wheels Bike Festival which is scheduled on 29th Jan at Ambience Island to encourage more and more people to choose Bicycle as a mode of transport and reduce their carbon footprints.

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