Junior Duathlon powered by JUNIORUN
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Junior Duathlon powered by JUNIORUN

Note: Get your Personalized Bib if you register before 6 pm on 23rd Jan 2017. 

After the huge success of Junior Duathlon March 2016, Juniorun is back in action with the second season of Junior Duathlon on 29th Jan, 2017 in Gurgaon.

What is Duathlon ?

Running comes naturally to children and cycling being the favorite hobby of almost all the children, Junior Duathlon is here again to make the favorite sport of children all the most exciting for them.

Duathlon is a combination of running and cycling one after the other such as the participant finishes one and moves to the other.

In Junior Duathlon we make it all the more fun for the parents also as they can chose the fun ride and participate along with their children.


COMPETITIVE RACE (4km Ride + 4km Run)

Distance: 4km Ride + 4km Run
Age: For 9 years to 18 years
T-shirt, BIB, Timing Chip, Hydration and a Finisher Medal.

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FUN RIDE (2km Kid Rides + 2 km Parent Runs)

Distance:2 km Kids Ride + 2 km Parent Runs
Age: For 4 to 10 years
T-shirt, BIB, Hydration and a Finisher Medal.

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Festival Village Entry

Limited Entries on First Come First Basis Entry to hang out at the Green Wheels Festival Arena

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