It's Not About Perfection, It's About Effort

I am Jitendra Advani, an Electronic Engineer working with the Times of India Group.

Life is a journey filled within Dreams and Aspirations. My dreams have stimulated me to actively contribute to my various Roles in Life such as Corporate Professional, Model, Writer, Fitness Enthusiast and now a Runner.

I always wanted to be fit and my fitness regime included Running & Weight Training.

Running helps you to keep your weight in check, trim your waistline, boost energy levels and lower your risk of chronic diseases. It also helps relieve stress, anxiety & depression thus lifting your mood and promoting better sleep. The greatest advantage of running is it improves your self-control and allows you to deal with life’s challenges in a healthy and positive way.

Here are some of the guidelines & tips that have helped me as a runner. One should be Consistent and Follow an Effective Running Routine, Set Realistic Goals, Record one's progress and Determine your weakest links & focus on improving them.

Everything is possible with Self-Discipline, Determination, Dedication & Continuous Efforts. Keep adding Logs to the fire within you to improve and remain Fit.

My Philosophy of Life “Good, Better, Best. Never let it Rest. Till your Good is Better and your Better is Best”

I Practice & Promote regular Running to keep healthy, look younger and live longer.

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